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Income & Expense

Tracking income and expenses is one of the primary jobs of a trucking progam. The Truckers Helper provides you with a TRUCK SPECIFIC accounting module that has been designed from the ground up exclusively for TRUCKERS and trucking operations! Our complete accounting package includes check printing, account reconcilliation, and more.

Quick Entry

To use the Quick Entry simply select the type of transaction you want to make. For our example we'll use a Cash Expense. Click EXPENSES and a drop down box will appear. Select CASH from the drop down box and the QUICK ENTRY BOX will appear.

In the QUICK ENTRY BOX, click the Payment Account - the program will only display the type of accounts you've selected above. Select the correct account from the list. In the Charge To Account select the account to charge this expense to - in our example it's a meal.

Fill out the remaining boxes and Click OK -

The QUICK ENTRY will create the entry for you in the Income & Expense section.

With the Truckers Helper you don't need to be an accountant to keep books like one!